Monday, August 24, 2015

I'm so proud of you..

Jaylie is such a little talker. She can say anything and everything. This is a good and bad thing! I love having conversations with her and she is hilarious sometimes. I thought it would be good to document some of the things she had said over the summer. 

Almost every day, Jaylie grabs my face with those little hands and says," I so proud of you Mommy!" It is the sweetest thing. It makes me feel good that she proud of me on days I'm not proud of myself:)

Our summer has consisted of a lot of talk about the potty and Jaylie will have nothing to do with it. She is scared of it. She has a cute little potty but she told me," Mommy, I not gone do it." 
Every time I bring it up or talk about it, this is what she says. We have made a deal with her...I know, negotiating with a 2 year old is probably not good but we told her she can to Chucky Cheese when she uses the potty. She loves Chucky cheese. 
This has really been on her mind and she told us one night, after she was refusing everything," I not gone be a bath. I not gone poop in the potty but I am go to Chucky Cheese!"

Jaylie is very friendly to everyone. In fact, if you are a child and you talk to her anywhere, Jaylie calls you her best friend. I think it is so sweet. She just loves people! Now, she is not against telling anybody what she thinks but she loves them. 

She loves to sing. We have the kids bop CD and Uptown Funk is on there. Yall that is her jam!! It is all she wants to listen to in the car. She can,legit, quote the chorus. Our version we listen to is clean. It says hot yeah! 
She also sings, in her little talk: Twankle,Twankle yittle star
How my wonder what chu arrreee. Bup above the wourld so high, yike a diamond in the sky, Twankle, Twankle Yittle star, how my wonder what chu are!!
We sing a lot of church songs too and she knows all the words. 

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